Canada eTA for British Citizens

Updated on Apr 28, 2024 | Canada eTA

The United Kingdom is one of the fifty nations that are Canadian visa-exempt, that is British nationals do not need a Canadian tourist visa but instead can apply for Canadian eTA for short trips to Canada.

On an average, around 700,000 Brits regularly visit Canada every year. Hence, it is extremely essential to know how most of their trips are authorized by the Canadian Immigrations authorities. 

The Canadian eTA was introduced in the year 2015 by the Canadian immigration to pre-screen the visitors and determine the traveler’s eligibility. The United Kingdom was also a launch member of the Canadian eTA program. They have the privilege to enjoy fast and easy entry into the country using the eTA.

Do British citizens need an eTA to Visit Canada?

British citizens are required to apply for a Canadian eTA to access Canada. The Canadian eTA for British citizens grants access to Canada for the following purposes – 

  • Medical care or consultation
  • Tourist purpose
  • Business trips
  • Visiting family members
  • Transiting through the Canadian airport to another destination

This eTA applies only to those passengers arriving by air. The eTA is a requirement for the British citizens, even if you are just transiting through a Canadian airport. But suppose you want to arrive to Canada by car or ship; an eTA is not required, although you are obligated to produce your travel and identification documents. 

Can a British Citizen Stay Longer than 6 months in Canada?

The eTA allows you to stay for up to 6 consecutive months. But if you wish to stay longer, you must apply for a relevant Canadian visa instead of the Canadian eTA.  You must remember that the process of visa is complex and quite long. Hence, make sure to plan well in advance to avoid any delays.

If you need help, contact the Canada Immigration Visa Advice.

Canada eTA Application for a British Citizens

To apply for Canada eTA for British citizens, you need to follow this process:

  • Submit the online Canada eTA for British citizens application form
  • Pay the Canada eTA using a credit or debit card
  • Receive the approval of Canada eTA for British citizens in your registered email address

While applying for Canada eTA for British citizens, they are usually asked to fill out and submit the following information, which includes their basic personal information, contact details, and their passport details. 

  • Name of the applicant as mentioned in their UK passport
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number 
  • Passport issue and expiry dates 
  • Marital status
  • Occupation history

You will also be asked to answer certain health-related questions along with several safety and security matters. Ensure that you enter the correct details, mistakes and inconsistent details may lead to rejection or unnecessary delays. 

How to get the Canadian eTA from UK?

The Brits who wish to apply for Canadian eTA need not visit the Canadian embassy in-person. The Canadian eTA is completely an online process and is extremely easy. It will take only few minutes. Ensure that you have a proper internet connection, and you can apply through any of the following:

  • Desktop 
  • Tablet
  • Mobile/ cellphone

As mentioned above, the authorization can be obtained quickly. It will be sent to the registered email address of the applicant electronically. 

When Should British Citizens Apply for Canada eTA?

British citizens should apply for the Canada eTA at least 72 hours before their departure date. Remember that you need to give the authorities the necessary time to process the application and issue an eTA. 

Canadian eTA requires applicants from the UK to be a full UK citizen. Applicants with different passport or travel document with a different status are required to apply for a Canadian visitor visa instead of the Canadian eTA. The list includes travelers with status such as British subject, British overseas citizen, or British protected person. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Canadian eTA?

The Canada eTA application of British citizens is normally processed and approved within 24 hours of applying, and the approved eTA is sent to the registered email address of the applicant. 

Canada eTA Requirements for British Citizens Traveling to Canada

There are several prerequisites to meet to receive the Canadian eTA. It is essential to understand the requirements to get the Canadian eTA and have a hassle-free trip.

  • A valid British passport
  • A credit or debit card to pay the Canadian eTA fee
  • A registered email address

The eTA provided by Canada is digitally connected to the traveler’s UK passport. Hence, it is important to produce the passport you used to apply for the Canada eTA at every checking point especially at the Canadian border. It cannot be changed or transferred at any point.

What are the Benefits of Canada eTA for British Citizens?

The Canada eTA provides many benefits for the Brits. Some of them are

  • 5 years of validity with multiple visits allowed
  • Stay up to 6 consecutive months per visit
  • Easy and quick online process
  • No requirement to visit the embassy

Advice for British Citizens Traveling to Canada with the eTA

  • It is always good to submit your online Canadian eTA application form 72 hours prior to your departure date.
  • Once you receive the approval for Canadian eTA, remember that it is electronically connected to your UK passport mentioned in the application form. It is valid for 5 years or until the UK passport expires. Since the Canadian eTA is completely electronic, all travelers must possess a biometric that is a machine-readable passport. 
  • On being accepted, British citizens with Canadian eTA are allowed to access Canada and can stay up to 6 months for every visit.
  • The Canadian eTA does not guarantee entry to Canada. You need to convince Canada Immigration regarding your eligibility.
  • In case of emergency, get help from the embassy.

Embassy Registration for British Travelers 

The UK has strong and healthy diplomatic presence in Canada. Travelers can register to receive updates and information from the British High Commission in Canada. This option provides many benefits to the travelers. It helps them with the following:

  • Advice from the UK government
  • A peaceful trip to Canada
  • Support and help from the UK government in case of emergency

British travelers can register for this service when they apply for the Canadian eTA by selecting the option ‘British Embassy Registration’ during the payment session.

FAQs about Canadian eTA for British Citizens

What happens if I make a mistake on the eTA form?

If you make any mistakes in the online Canadian eTA application form, and if the wrong information is submitted, then your eTA will be considered invalid. You must apply for a new Canadian eTA. You can also not change or update any details once your eTA has been processed or approved.

How long can a British citizen stay in Canada with an eTA?

Though the length of time varies according to the situation, most of the British citizens with an approved eTA can stay in Canada for up to 6 months or 180 days. Brits with valid eTA are allowed to visit Canada multiple times. But suppose you want to stay longer, then you are required to obtain a visa depending upon the purpose of your trip.

When is Canada eTA not required for a British traveler?

The Canada eTA for British citizen is not required if the British traveler who plans to move to or work in Canada. And, all the British nationals who already have a Canadian visitor visa, Canadian citizenship, or a permanent resident of Canada need not apply for an eTA.

How old must one be to apply for the Canada eTA for British citizens?

While applying for a Canadian eTA, one must be older than 18. If the eTA is for children, a parent or a legal guardian must fill out and submit the forms on behalf of the minors.

Should I print out the eTA?

There is no need to print or produce a hard copy of the approved Canadian eTA or any other travel documents at the airport since the eTA is electronically linked to your UK passport.