Canada eTA for Czech Republic Citizens

Updated on Apr 28, 2024 | Canada eTA

Czech Republic citizens traveling to Canada by air are required to obtain an eTA before their trip. The eTA simplifies the process of entering Canada and reduces wait times at the airport. This article aims to provide an overview of Canada eTA for Czech Republic citizens and the importance of obtaining it before their travel.

Canada eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a mandatory entry requirement for citizens of certain countries who are traveling to Canada by air. This online authorization is linked to an individual's passport and is valid for up to five years or until the expiration of the passport.

What is Canada eTA?

A. Definition of Canada eTA: Canada eTA is an electronic travel authorization system that allows eligible foreign nationals to travel to Canada by air without a visa. It is a simple, fast, and secure way for travelers to enter Canada.

B. Purpose of Canada eTA: The purpose of Canada eTA is to pre-screen individuals before they board their flight to Canada. This screening process helps identify individuals who may pose a security risk or who are inadmissible to Canada. It also reduces wait times at the airport, as individuals with an approved eTA can proceed through immigration more quickly.

C. Eligibility for eTA: Czech Republic citizens are eligible for Canada eTA if they are traveling to Canada by air and do not have a valid Canadian visa. Additionally, they must have a valid passport, an email address, and a credit or debit card to pay the Canada eTA processing fee.

D. Duration of eTA: Canada eTA is valid for up to five (5) years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first. Travelers can make multiple trips to Canada with the same eTA as long as it remains valid. However, the maximum length of each stay in Canada cannot exceed six (6) months.

How to apply for Canada eTA?

A. Online application process: The online application process for Canada eTA is simple and convenient. Czech Republic citizens can apply for eTA by visiting the Canada eTA website and filling out the online application form. The application requires personal information, such as name, date of birth, passport information, and contact information. Applicants must also answer a few questions related to their health and criminal history.

B. Required documents for eTA application: The required documents for Canada eTA application include a valid passport, an email address, and a credit or debit card to pay the processing fee. It is important to ensure that the passport information provided in the application matches the information on the physical passport.

C. Fees for eTA application: The fee for Canada eTA application can be paid online using a credit or debit card. The fee is non-refundable and must be paid by everyone applying for eTA.

D. Processing time for eTA application: The processing time for Canada eTA application is usually quick and can take as little as a few minutes to a few days. In most cases, applicants receive their eTA approval within minutes of submitting the application. However, some applications may take longer to process if additional information is required. It is recommended to apply for eTA at least 72 hours before the intended travel date to avoid any delays.

What are the Benefits of having Canada eTA?

A. The convenience of travel: One of the main benefits of having Canada eTA is the convenience it provides for travelers. With eTA, Czech Republic citizens can easily apply for travel authorization online, eliminating the need to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate.

B. Reduced wait time at the airport: Having a Canada eTA also reduces wait times at the airport. Individuals with an approved eTA can proceed through immigration more quickly, allowing them to start their visit to Canada without any unnecessary delays.

C. Multiple entries to Canada: Another benefit of eTA is that it allows multiple entries to Canada for up to five years or until the expiration of the passport. This means that Czech Republic citizens with an approved eTA can travel to Canada as many times as they want during the validity period of their eTA.

D. Validity period of eTA: The validity period of eTA is also a benefit, as it saves travelers the hassle of applying for travel authorization every time they plan to visit Canada. The five-year validity period provides flexibility and allows for last-minute trips to Canada without the need for a new eTA application.

What are some tips for a successful eTA application process?

A. Check eligibility before applying: Before starting the eTA application process, Czech Republic citizens should check if they are eligible to apply. This includes having a valid passport and meeting the eligibility requirements for eTA.

B. Ensure accurate information on application: It is important to ensure that all information provided on the eTA application is accurate and matches the information on the traveler's passport. Any discrepancies may result in the application being rejected or delayed.

C. Submit application early: To avoid any last-minute issues or delays, it is recommended to submit the eTA application as early as possible, preferably at least 72 hours before the intended travel date. This allows enough time for processing and ensures that the eTA is approved in time for the trip.

D. Follow up on application status: After submitting the eTA application, it is important to follow up on the application status. The Canadian government provides a portal for applicants to check the status of their eTA application. In case of any issues or delays, applicants can contact the Canadian embassy or consulate for assistance.


Starting September 7th, 2021 the Government of Canada has eased border measures for fully vaccinated foreign travellers. International flights carrying passengers will be permitted to land at five additional Canadian airports. Learn about Covid-19: Canada eases travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers

Comparison of Canada eTA with other travel documents

A. Difference between eTA and visa: One of the main differences between Canada eTA and a visa is the purpose and duration of travel. A visa is typically required for longer-term visits, such as for work or study, while eTA is for short-term stays, usually for tourism or business purposes.

B. Comparison of eTA with other electronic travel authorization systems: When compared to other electronic travel authorization systems, such as the US ESTA, Australia ETA, or New Zealand ETA, Canada eTA has similar requirements and processes. However, there may be differences in eligibility, fees, and processing times.

C. Advantages of eTA over traditional visas: One of the advantages of eTA over traditional visas is the convenience and efficiency of the application process. eTA can be applied for online, and the processing time is usually much quicker than traditional visa applications. Additionally, eTA allows for multiple entries to Canada over a five-year period, making it a convenient option for frequent travelers.

What is the importance of accurate information on an eTA application?

A. Providing false information on an eTA application can have serious consequences, including being denied entry to Canada, being barred from entering Canada in the future, and even facing legal action. It is important to provide accurate and truthful information when applying for eTA.

B. It is important to review the eTA application thoroughly before submission to ensure that all information provided is correct and matches the traveler's passport. Any mistakes or discrepancies in the application can cause delays in processing or result in the application being rejected.

C. Incomplete or inaccurate information on the eTA application can lead to potential delays in processing. This can be frustrating for travelers, as it may cause them to miss their scheduled flights or travel plans. To avoid such delays, applicants should ensure that all information provided on the eTA application is complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

Where Is Czech Republic Embassy In Canada?

The Czech Republic has an embassy in Ottawa, Canada. The address is:

Embassy of the Czech Republic

251 Cooper Street

Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0G2


Phone: +1-613-562-3875

Fax: +1-613-562-3878

Email: [email protected]

Where Is the Canadian Embassy In the Czech Republic?

The Canadian Embassy in the Czech Republic is located in Prague. The address is:

Embassy of Canada

Velvyslanectví Kanady

Muchova 6

160 00 Prague 6

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 272 101 800

Fax: +420 272 101 890

Email: [email protected]

What Are The Approved Ports Of Entry Into Canada With An Evisa?

There is no such thing as an "evisa" for Canada. However, if you are referring to the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), it is important to note that it is not a visa and does not replace the need for a visa in certain cases. For those who are eligible for the eTA and have been approved, they can enter Canada through any of the following approved ports of entry:


Calgary International Airport

Edmonton International Airport

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport

Regina International Airport

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

St. John's International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Vancouver International Airport

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Land borders:

Abbotsford-Huntingdon (British Columbia)

Coutts (Alberta)

Kingsgate (British Columbia)

Queenston-Lewiston Bridge (Ontario)

Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario)

St. Stephen (New Brunswick)

Stanstead (Quebec)

Please note that this information may change and it is always advisable to check the Government of Canada website for the most up-to-date information on ports of entry.

What are some places to visit in Canada?

The captivating sites to visit in Canada provide visitors with a novel holiday experience. Dotted with some of the most beautiful national parks, full of heritage attractions, and filled with relics exhibition halls, Canada will welcome you and whisk you away from everyday life. These places to visit will not only provide you with historical insights, but they will also add a dash of adventure to your life. Seeing the architectural marvels of the past will undoubtedly astound you.

While on an exploration tour of the best places to visit in Canada, you will visit Jasper National Park, which is known for its adventurous activities and spectacular viewpoints, and Banff National Park, which promises to provide you with views of wildlife species as well as the opportunity to participate in adventurous activities. Visit Niagara Falls to marvel at the breathtaking natural splendor, and Quebec City to enjoy snow activities.

The top tourist destinations in Canada provide an all-encompassing heritage and adventure experience. You will undoubtedly remember your time in Canada for the rest of your life.

Why Visit Banff?

If you want to experience the lifestyle of a Swiss ski hamlet but don't want to pay for a transatlantic ticket, try Banff. Because of its location in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, at the southeastern border of Banff National Park - Canada's first national park - excursions here will reduce not only your flight time from the United States, but also your expenses (although marginally). Banff caters to intrepid adventurers who prefer to conclude the day in a luxurious hotel rather than roughing it at the campgrounds (though both are available as well). There are numerous opportunities for adventure, so choose your sport: Ski down Mount Norquay, trek to the gigantic, free-standing limestone pillars known as the Hoodoos, "scramble" up Stoney Squaw Mountain's face, or bike along Healy Creek. When you're tired, retire to your comfy (and toasty) lodge and refuel with a heaping portion of bison meat.

Why Should You Visit Jasper National Park?

Jasper National Park, one of Canada's wildest areas, offers multicolored landscapes at every turn. Views abound as hikers make their way from the summit of Mount Edith Cavell to the caverns of Maligne Canyon. The park, located on Alberta's eastern border, serves as a beacon for Northern Hemisphere travelers. Jasper is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies and has been classified as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with Banff and a few other parks. With over 2.7 million acres to explore, visitors are sure to see wildlife ranging from caribou to wolverine to moose. 

The park contains all of the expected natural features, such as mountains, rivers, and even glaciers, but the town of Jasper raises the area's possibilities. In addition to serving as a handy base camp, Jasper offers a number of tours and excursions for visitors to take advantage of. Not to mention that winter in Jasper allows visitors to enjoy cold-weather sports such as skiing in Marmot Basin or snowshoeing in the backcountry. There's always a reason to visit Jasper, no matter the season.

Why Visit Vancouver, Canada?

Vancouver is a young city, even by North American standards (it was founded in 1886). What it lacks in history, it makes up for in culture. Experience Indigenous culture in Vancouver (including First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people) through a variety of historic sites, boutiques, and museums. The city's high-fashion stores and penchant for healthy eating make it an appealing urban playground. Furthermore, Vancouver and its stunning backdrop of mountains and beaches has served as the backdrop for a slew of popular television shows and major motion pictures (including "Riverdale," "X-Files," and "Deadpool"), so don't be surprised if you spot landmarks from your favorite scenes or come across a production in progress.

However, this mitten-shaped city on Canada's western border attracts more than just pop culture junkies. Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and skiing will entice you (and are especially accessible on one of the top Vancouver tours). Looking for some peace & quiet? Try relaxing on one of the 11 miles of beaches or at one of the many parks. During the winter, you can warm up by visiting one of the top museums or taking the kids to one of the family-friendly attractions, such as Granville Island or the Capilano Suspension Bridge. When you add outstanding shopping, dining, and nightlife scenes to the mix, it's easy to see why Vancouver is regarded as a go-to destination for the multidimensional tourist.


In conclusion, Canada eTA is an important travel requirement for Czech Republic citizens planning to visit Canada. It provides a convenient and efficient way to apply for travel authorization online, reducing wait times at the airport and allowing for multiple entries to Canada for up to five years.

The application process for Canada eTA is straightforward and can be completed online. Applicants must ensure they have a valid passport, email address, and a credit or debit card to pay the processing fee. It is also recommended to apply for eTA at least 72 hours before the intended travel date to avoid any delays. Overall, Canada eTA is a necessary travel requirement for Czech Republic citizens, and the application process is simple and easy to follow.

International visitors traveling to Canada need to carry proper documentation in order to be able to enter the country. Canada exempts certain foreign nationals from carrying a proper travel Visa when visiting the country via air through commercial or chartered flights. Learn more at Types of Visa or eTA for Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canada eTA for Czech Republic citizens

A. What is the validity period of Canada eTA?

The validity period of Canada eTA for Czech Republic citizens is up to five years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first.

B. Can I apply for Canada eTA upon arrival in Canada?

No, Czech Republic citizens must apply for eTA before their trip to Canada. The eTA must be approved before they can board their flight to Canada.

C. Is Canada eTA refundable?

No, the Canada eTA application fee is non-refundable, even if the application is rejected or if the traveler's plans change.

D. Can I travel to the US with Canada eTA?

No, eTA is only valid for travel to Canada by air. Czech Republic citizens traveling to the US must obtain a US visa or apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) if eligible.

E. Do children need Canada eTA to travel to Canada?

Children under the age of 18 who are traveling with a parent or legal guardian who has a valid eTA do not need their own eTA. However, they must travel with the same passport as their accompanying parent or legal guardian.

F. How long does it take to get eTA approval?

Most eTA applications are approved within minutes. However, some applications may take longer to process, and applicants are advised to apply well in advance of their travel date to allow for any processing delays.

G. What happens if my Canada eTA application is rejected?

If your Canada eTA application is rejected, you will receive an email with an explanation for the rejection. In some cases, you may be eligible to apply for a visitor visa instead.

H. Can I apply for Canada eTA if my passport expires soon?

It is recommended that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of entry into Canada. If your passport is expiring soon, you may still be able to apply for an eTA, but it may only be valid until the expiration date of your passport.

I. Can I work in Canada with Canada eTA?

No, Canada eTA is not a work permit. If you plan to work in Canada, you must obtain the appropriate work permit.

J. Can I study in Canada with Canada eTA?

If your course of study is less than six months, you may be able to study in Canada with an eTA. However, if your course of study is longer than six months, you will need to obtain a study permit.

K. What happens if my passport expires before my Canada eTA does?

If your passport expires before your Canada eTA, you will need to apply for a new Canada eTA with your new passport information.

L. Can I enter Canada by land with Canada eTA?

Yes, if you have been approved for an eTA, you may enter Canada by land through any of the approved land border crossings. However, if you are traveling by air, you must enter through an approved airport.