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The Maple leaf has played a crucial role in framing Canada’s history. Maple has always been the staple food of the citizens of Canada for a prolonged period. In Canada's history, during the times of war, injured and wounded soldiers would use maple leaf or medicines made of maple syrup as bandages and medicines for their injury. Maple leaf has medicinal power to heal wounds to some extent.

While Canada is known for the scenic beauty it entails in the form of freshwater lakes, heart-wrenching mountains, glaziers and the ever-growing lush green forests, Canada is also known to be the land of Maple Leaf. So, you ask why Canada of all the country is so deeply associated with maple leaf? This is because maple leaf has played a crucial role in framing Canada’s history.

To begin with, maple has always been the staple food of the citizens of Canada for a prolonged period. Secondly and most importantly, in Canada's history, during the times of war, injured and wounded soldiers would use maple leaf or medicines made of maple syrup as bandages and medicines for their injury. Maple leaf has medicinal power to heal wounds to some extent. These are the primary reasons how maple leaf made its way into Canadian emblems, flag, coins and into the heart of Canada and its people. Since then, the Maple leaf is known as a prominent Canadian symbol.

Did you know that the Maple leaf on the Canadian flag has 11 points? These points on the flag represent the territories and provinces present within the country.

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Here are a few more detailed reasons as to why Maple leaf has found its home in Canada or Canada has found its home in the leaf's legacy in the country.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

This piece of delight island is located on the eastern side of Nova Scotia in Canada. The island is blanketed with lush green forests, warm beaches and coastlines, and is ideally one of the most preferred places to visit during the fall season to witness the melodramatic fall and accumulation of maple leaves. Not only is the island a preferred location for its spectacular scenic fall beauty, but also due to Cape Breton's celebrated fame for orchestrating the Celtic Colours International Festival during the month of October.

The festival is celebrated for a length of 9 days in October, it celebrates the usher of fall in Canada with folk, dance, carnivals, music, and authentic Canadian delicacies. If you happen to be in Canada during the month of this festival, you should surely take part in the various activities of the carnival and fill yourself with the heart-melting food present at the venue. Also, while you are in Cape Breton, during the fall season, you can not afford to miss the famous Cabot Trail; the complete trail of the entire Cape Breton island making through the coastal forests.

The best part is that you can also witness the magnificent migratory whales of this island which traverse here during the autumn season, the only time they come close to the shore of the island. The scene is something tourists await wholeheartedly.

Algonquin Provincial Park

If you want to experience nature at its best then you should see the falling of leaves and sprawling foliage while you are on Algonquin Park, which is located near Toronto. The place is embedded with forests, lakes and rivers and provides adventure sports facilities too. The best time to visit this heavenly place would be between October to December to see and feel the golden-coloured maple trees shedding their warmth, venture forth for forest trails and enjoy cakes and drinks by the lakes. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Algonquin Park as this place tops the priority list of tourists on holidays! If you are lucky, you might also get to watch migratory birds and foreign blue whales in and around the lakes and rivers. Keep your binoculars ready!

Did you know that the park is a part of the border which lies between Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario? The region of the park falls in-between the area of transition between the northern coniferous forests and southern deciduous spread. This very unusual combination of forest types, and the wide encirclement of the varying environments in the park, allow the area to breathe a rather uncommon diversity of plant and animal species.

The park is also considered to be an extremely important site for wildlife ushers and is vital for research. Algonquin Park is well recognised within the Ontario province. This area is well known industrial logging and relevant transactions to take place within the circumference of its borders. This makes the park yet again crucial for tourist attractions.

The Maple Leaf The Maple leaf is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada

Peterborough, Ontario

Set alongside the banks of the Otonabee River, Peterborough is another gem of a place to visit in the country of Canada. It is a roughly 90 minutes drive from the city of Toronto; Peterborough with its enchanting beauty has made it through the list of best weekend recluses considered for the fall season. You can sit alongside the river bank maybe with a book or a glass of wine and soak in the scenic charms of the place encircled or you can even trek up to the Warsaw Caves and Conservation area and get to witness the attractive Norwood Fall Fair, held every year on the outskirts of the place.

Adding to this fun, Peterborough and the Kawarthas has more and more to cater to your fun adventures. The region has displays of an array of museums, indoor and outdoor galleries, theatres and cultural exhibitions, talks about Aboriginal heritage attractions and relevant historical sites, as well as a major display of an arts community.

Did you know that the Peterborough Museum is known for its innumerable diverse collectables of artefacts? The museum came to be in the year 1897 and later moved to its current site (Armour Hill) in the year 1967.

The Laurentians

It is not a fact unknown that the land of maple leaf is just another name of Canada and the name of this place The Laurentians explains itself with its name, justifying the proclamation with utmost conviction. Situated north of Montreal; The Laurentians is yet another place on the map of Canada where you get to experience Canadian fall at its best.

The place is encircled by exquisite emerald lakes, dark forests with the filtering of sunlight, mesmerizing hills, and the glittering view of the St. Lawrence River. The Laurentians can prove to be one of the best options for family holidays or quick weekend escapades or plan small day trips during this season of fall. You get to witness and experience the slow falling of Golden leave on you and all around you it is a sort of feeling that poet would describe.

The beauty of the place is such that one can simply sit and bask in the environment of the fall with maple forests eroding into colours of golden, orange, lilac and crimson-coloured leaves and relish the local cuisine of the place prepared with seasonal food like honey, maple syrup, cheese, cider, and a variety of flavoured wines. Also, you can refreshen your body and soul at the spectacular resorts present in the Laurentians and turn your vacation into an absolute relaxing and no-stress mode.

The Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine islands, which is one truly undiscovered part of Canada, is something that could go easily unnoticed on your travel list, but the island’s unique charm amidst its more than amazing green landscapes and wide open beaches would definitely make it as one great memory of Canada.

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park Riding Mountain National Park is a national park in Manitoba, Canada

Why Canada has been described as the land of maple leaf, is because it encompasses the aestheticism of the fall season through many picturesque places such as the Riding Mountain National Park; a place that has all the charms to rob your heart off.

Spread over an area of about 3000 sq. km, Riding Mountain National Park forms one of the significant parts of Canadian Prairies with expansive stretches of its boreal forests, long stretches of grasslands and high magnifying hills; this forest is an emblem of picturesque beauty and shows us the varying fall colours of golden, crimson and lilac throughout. This park is also known to harbour moose, black bears, elk and wolves. The Riding Mountain National Park is without doubt the ideal travel destination that hypnotizes all nature lovers.

If you are missing the poet in you or you are one of the adventure freaks who takes delight in the lap of Canadian nature, you are suggested to go for trekking, trailing on Gorge Creek and hiking for sure.

Autumn or the season of fall in Canada is an experience that everyone deserves to feel at least once in their life to cherish forever. The country gleams with the colour yellow gold of maple leaves spread out like a carpet all across the country and looks exactly identical to a picture postcard. Canada in the Fall Season- Tourist Guide to epic Autumn destinations.

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