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Updated on Oct 31, 2023 | Canada eTA

The online procedure of the Canada Visa application is very convenient. Visitors who are eligible for eTA Canada Visa Application can obtain the required travel permit sitting from home at any time of the day without having to travel to any Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

Eligible passport holders can apply for an Canada Visa Application in a matter of minutes.

Whether you are visiting Canada for business, tourism, or transit purpose, with Canada visitor visa online application you can obtain your Canada eTA Application. To acquaint yourself with the kind of answers the visa application form will require, go through Frequently Asked Questions . This will help you prepare yourself for Canada visa application, as you will know the kind of questions that are asked. Once you come to know everything about the Canada visa application form, it helps to eliminate all the possible errors on the Canada visa application form as well as it makes the Canada visa application process faster. 

What is a Online Canada Visa or Canada eTA?

eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authorisation. In recent times, Canada eTA has replaced Canada Visa for passport holders of select countries. The best part is that it has the same criteria, is equally important and provides the same permit to the visitors. 

At the time of airport check-in the Interactive Advance Passenger Information System (IAPI) system will enable airlines to check your boarding eligibility status based on your passport number and Canada eTA or Canada Visa. If the Passport details listed on your Canada eTA matches with your Passport then you will be allowed to board the flight.

Eligibility requirements for Canada eTA

If you want to apply for eTA Canada Visa without any restrictions, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • You belong to a European country like UK or Ireland or any country mentioned on the website. Check out the complete list of eligible countries for eTA Canada Visa.
  • You are not at all a safety threat to public health.
  • You are planning to enter Canada by air.
  • You are visiting Canada for tourism or business visits of upto 6 months.

Validity of eTA Canada Visa

Canada eTA is valid for up to 5 (five) years. As soon as Canada eTA application is apporved, you are eligible to enter Canada. Once the passport against which your eTA Canada Visa was applied expires, the validity of your Canada eTA expires as well. In case you are using a new Passport you must also apply for a new Canada eTA. Do remember that you need your Canada eTA at the moment of airport check-in and during arrival in Canada. 

For the entire period of your stay in Canada, your passport needs to be valid as well. On a single visit, your stay is valid for up to six months. As many times as you like, you can choose to travel to Canada during this period. The duration of six months means consecutive months; it cannot be stretched by skipping months of stay. 

One of the most important and primary Canada eTA requirements is a biometric passport to apply for a Canada visa application. To verify eligibility, applicants need to provide their complete passport details. It will decide whether you are allowed to enter the country or not.

A few questions that visitors need to answer are:

  • Which nation has issued you a passport?
  • What is the passport number?
  • Date of birth of the applicant?
  • What is the visitor's full name?
  • What are the issue and expiry dates on your password?

Before the completion of the form, applicants are required to make sure all the above-mentioned things are in order. There should be no mistakes or errors in the information provided and it needs to be up to date. Even the tiniest mistake or error in the form may become the reason for delays and disruption in getting a visa or even cancellation of the visa.


To cross-check the applicant’s history, some background questions are there on the eTA Canada Visa Application form. It comes to the picture after all the relevant passport information is made available in the form. If you have ever been denied entry or requested to exit the country or have ever been refused a visa or a permit while travelling to Canada would be the first likely question asked. Further questions will be asked if the applicant says yes and one will have to provide whatever details are required. 


If there is any criminal history found of the applicant, they need to tell what the offense committed is; the nature of the crime as well as the location and date of the crime. However, it is not that one cannot enter Canada with a criminal record; if the nature of the crime is not threatening to the Canadian people, then you can get entry into the country. But, if a crime of such nature that poses a threat to the public, then you won’t get entry into Canada. 

There are a few questions asked by the eTA Canada Visa Application form for medical and health-related purposes. These will be like - did you as an applicant have been diagnosed with tuberculosis? Or did you stay in touch with someone suffering from tuberculosis for the past two years? Just like these questions, you will also find a list of medical conditions that helps you identify and state your illness type from the list (in case there is any). But it doesn’t mean that your application will be rejected straight away even if you are suffering from any of the diseases mentioned in the list. Multiple factors enter the picture as all the applications are assessed case by case. 

A few other questions asked on Canada Visa Application form

Before the request can be processed for review, some other questions are asked:

These questions can be categorised as follows: 

  • travel plans of the applicant
  • contact details of the applicant
  • marital and employment status of the applicant

For eTA application, contact details are also required: 

A valid email address must be provided by eTA applicants. One must keep in mind that the Canada eTA process is done online and you will get a revert on the email only. As soon as the electronic travel authorisation gets approved, a notification is sent out through email. Hence, a valid and current address is essential for smooth communication. 

Residential address is also required!

You need to answer a few questions about your marital status and employment. To choose from the drop-down list in their marital status section, quite a few options will be provided to the applicant. 

From your occupation, name of the company, the name of the company where you work and current job title, tare a few employment details that are required by the form. An applicant needs to mention the year in which he/she started working. Options provided are retired or unemployed or homemaker or you have never had employment or are no longer currently employed. 

Flight information questions like the date of arrival: 

There is no need to buy flight tickets in advance; passengers can choose to get their tickets once the eTA selection process is over. Hence, no one will ask you to show proof of the ticket until the application process begins. 

Having said that, the arrival date needs to be provided by the travellers who already have a pre-decided schedule and the timings of the flight if asked. 


Want to know the next steps after completing and making payment for eTA Canada Visa? After you apply for eTA Canada Visa: Next steps.  

Canada visa application online has made the process of Canada visa application simple. It allows you to fill out your visa application form from the comfort of your home. It is a quite as simple process to apply for a Canada visitor visa; you just need to be eligible for eTA and provide all the information required. So, what are you waiting for? Simply fill out your Canada visitor visa online application and get your visa hassle-free.

Check your eligibility for eTA Canada Visa and apply for eTA Canada Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight. British citizens, Italian citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, Israeli citizens, South Korean citizens, Filipino citizens and Brazilian citizens can apply online for Canada eTA.