Documents Required by US Citizens to enter Canada

Updated on Jun 13, 2024 | Canada eTA

US citizens do not require a Canada eTA or Canada Visa to enter Canada.

However, all international travellers including United States citizens must carry acceptable identification and travel documents when entering Canada.

Acceptable documents to enter Canada

According to Canadian law all visitors entering Canada must possess a proof of identity and citizenship. A current United States passport or a NEXUS card or passport card satisfies these requirements for United States citizens.

US visitors under 16  only need to show proof of U.S. citizenship.

Entering by air

You will either need a Passport or NEXUS card.

Entering by land or sea

Acceptable documents are Passport, Passport card, NEXUS card or Enhanced Driver's Licenses.

US passport holders under age 16 may present a birth certificate when entering by land or sea.

Please note that birth certificates issued from hospital, voter registration cards, and affidavits cannot be used.

Passport card

A passport card is an alternative to Passport for specific travel situations.  Like Passport it includes your personal details and photo, resembling a driver's license in size and format.

The passport card is ideal for land or sea crossings between the United States and Canada.

Passport cards are not accepted as valid identification for international air travel.

NEXUS card

The NEXUS program jointly developed and managed by Canada and the U.S. offers a convenient way to travel between the two USA and Canada.

To be eligible for NEXUS, you must be a pre-approved, low-risk traveler. You will need to apply with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and appear in person for the interview.

You can use NEXUS card for air, land, or sea travel between Canada and the U.S.

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses

Residents of Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, or Washington can utilise EDLs offered by their states to plan and enter Canada by car. DLs are currently only valid for land and sea travel to Canada. They cannot be used for air travel.

As part of recent changes to Canada eTA program, U.S. green card holders or lawful permanent resident of the United States (U.S.), no longer need Canada eTA. Read more at Travel to Canada for United States Green Card Holders