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While the image of this gorgeous archipelago, a part of the Quebec province of Canada, is probably something you have already seen in some pretty postcard or a desktop background, but you might have never known that these heavenly locations belong to Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence on the eastern side of the country.

At a nearby distance from the maritime provinces of Newfoundland, the cluster of these islands comes under the province of Quebec, although are at a great distance from Quebec itself.

At a first glance the archipelago might appear as remote as another planet, but with culture and festivals of its own, including the island’s being host to the largest sandcastle competition held in the country, it would more easily become a highly recommendable travel destination.

Unreal Sight of Red Sandstone

As if the white sand beaches stretching as far as the eyes can see were not wonderful enough, the complementary background of red sandstone cliffs could actually be too much of a beauty to glance all at once.

Located in the archipelago’s southernmost end, the La Belle Anse, a bay with red sandstone cliffs are one of the spectacular sites for which the islands of Magdalens are known all over.

This much undiscovered part of Canada is a world of its own where you would want a walk along the Dun du Sud, also known as the South Dune beach, to stretch till eternity. And given the vibrant sandstones in sunset you won’t mind if time just stops right there!

Wide Open Coasts

The beaches of Magdalene are popular for their long coastlines making them perfect for a relaxed stroll along the peaceful ocean. And if you cannot complete a vacation without adventure then the strong breeze found in most beaches of Magdalene makes them a perfect spot for adventure activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing, which are very common as the island's main sport.

The beach neighbouring the Pointe de l’Est National Wildlife Area in the island city of Grosse-lle is habitat for many migratory birds and a great place to witness distinct species of the region.

Port Cities

At one point the islands of Magdalen might seem too secluded from civilization amidst its gigantic natural structures, but the small cities with their historic monuments and colourful decor is all you need for the comfort as a tourist.

The city of Havre aux Maisons which became the first settlement of the Acadians in the late 17th century, is one of the dozen islands of the archipelago dotted with colourful houses along its coasts and would easily become a picture worthy location.

And if the thought that small cities could be boring is bothering you then the unique art forms and museums located within the island town is sure spark creativity, with one of the glass art galleries located on the island of Havre-aux-Maisons, the Verrerie La Méduse, is loaded with beautiful glass artworks, paintings and creations on display.

Several tiny shops selling traditional products from islands can be seen on the historic fishing site of La Grave in the oldest city of the island, Havre-Aubert. If more museums and history interests you then this oldest island in the archipelago is a place which can be explored during the day along with observing beautiful island products in one of the tiny shops of La Grave.

Considered as the archipelago's gateway, the city of Cap-aux-Meules is also the islands’s urban center and this is the part which could look more urbanised than anywhere else on the archipelago. Besides, who wouldn't want to stay by one of the mansions located near the red sandstone cliffs of La Belle Anse and witness this one of a kind sunset in the most gorgeous shade of red.

Lighthouses & More

Borgot lighthouse The first Borgot lighthouse was built 1874, on Cape Hérissé

The Magdalen islands are renowned for their unique views and beaches, and a lighthouse standing in solace with nature just adds to the already astonishing scenery. Borgot Lighthouse or also known as the Cape Lighthouse, located in L'Étang-du-Nord,, is one perfect place to gaze at the setting sun and a view of the horizon from this picturesque place is just unmatchable.

Anse-a-la-Cabane Lighthouse, the oldest one in the archipelago, located on the southernmost point of L’lles du Havre Aubert, is another place to experience the out of the world landscapes, and this free of charge attraction of the island with a glorious view of the lighthouse from a distance is enough of a great spectacle for the eyes.

The Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine islands, which is one truly undiscovered part of Canada, is something that could go easily unnoticed on your travel list, but the island’s unique charm amidst its more than amazing green landscapes and wide open beaches would definitely make it as one great memory of Canada.

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