Must See Places in Toronto

Updated on Apr 28, 2024 | Canada eTA

The capital of the province of Ontario in Canada, Toronto is not only Canada's most populous city but is also one of the most metropolitan as well. It is the commercial and financial centre of Canada and like most urban cities of Canada, it is also quite multicultural. Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, which borders the United States of America, Toronto has got it all, from a lakefront with beaches and green outdoorsy urban places, and a bustling downtown area with a happening nightlife, to some of the best art, culture, and food you would find in the country.

You might be visiting Toronto on a business trip or to meet friends and family and it would be a shame if you don’t explore the city while you are there. Its many tourist attractions and rich cultural life make it a favourite of tourists in Canada. So here are some of the places that you must make sure to check out while on a trip to Toronto.

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Museums and Galleries in Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada's cultural centres and as such there are many museums and galleries in Toronto that you must not miss out on. The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the most famous Canadian museums and it is also the largest museum in the world that showcases world art cultures and natural history. There are galleries and exhibitions featuring art, archaeology, and natural science exhibits from around the globe. Another famous museum in Toronto is the Art Gallery of Toronto which is the largest art museum not just in Canada but in the entirety of North America. It houses all sorts of famous artworks, from the masterpieces of European art to contemporary art from around the world as well as the very rich and budding Canadian art. Another interesting museum in Toronto is the Bata Show Museum which showcases various types of shoes from across the world and going back to different periods and cultures. If you are a fan ofsports, especially hockey, you might want to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. For those interested in exploring Islamic culture, the Aga Khan Museum is also a must.

Entertainment District

The Toronto Entertainment District in downtown Toronto is Toronto’s Broadway and the place where the arts and culture of the city come alive. It’s filled with such entertainment venues as theatres and other performance centres. From theatre productions to films, shows, musicals, and any other performing arts, you’ve got it all here. One of the most famous cultural centres in the place is the TIFF Bell Lightbox which functions as the headquarters for the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the biggest international film festivals of the world. There are also cafes and restaurants for dining as well as the best nightclubs and bars in Toronto for a night of socialising. Other tourist attractions such as CN Tower; Rogers Centre, where baseball matches, football games, and concerts take place; and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada are also located here.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma, Spanish for Hill House, is one of Canada's most famous castles turned into a museum. It was built in 1914, its structure and architecture reminiscent of a Gothic European castle, with all of the splendour and opulence of such a building. It consists of a mansion, a garden and large grounds including a tunnel connecting to a hunting lodge, and the stables. The interior of the mansion includes many rooms, such as the one called the Oak Room, previously known as the Napoleon Drawing Room, with an ornamented ceiling and a light fixture reminiscent of Louis XVI’s court. Not only a museum open to the public, Casa Loma has also been a popular filming location as well as a popular wedding destination in Canada.

CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower is a world-famous iconic landmark of Toronto as well as Canada as a whole. Standing 553 meters tall you can’t help but spot it when you’re in the city. Although it’s no longer the tallest freestanding building in the world when it was built back in the 1970s that’s exactly what it was. You can see the CN Tower looming over the city of Toronto from all possible spots in the city but you can also visit one of its observation areas at the top or the restaurants it houses for a stunning view of the city of Toronto. Its highest viewing area, known as Sky Pod, even gives a view of Niagara Falls and New York City on days when the sky is clear. For adventurous souls, there is a ledge outside the main pod where visitors can walk and enjoy the view. There is also a revolving restaurant called the 360 in which no matter which table you are sat at you can be guaranteed excellent views.

High Park

High Park, Toronto

High Park is the biggest municipal park in Toronto with its grounds consisting of gardens, playgrounds, a zoo, and also areas that are occasionally used for sporting, cultural, and educational purposes. It is thus both a natural park and a recreational one. It's got a hilly landscape with two ravines as well as several creeks and ponds and a forested area. The central part of the park is one of Canada's many Oak Savannahs which are lightly forested grasslands with oak trees. There are also such interesting places located on the Park’s grounds such as a historical museum an amphitheatre and even a restaurant. Many parts of the Park are full of Japanese cherry trees which beautify the area like nothing else could.

Honourable Mentions

St.Lawrence Market

St.Lawrence Market is the most ancient market in downtown Toronto, Canada. This market has been active for over 200 years. In this market, shoppers can shop for goods and commodities from more than one hundred and twenty vendors. Here, shoppers can find various meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked items and much more. To indulge in some lip-smacking Canadian delicacies, shoppers can also visit the different coffee houses and restaurants located in the St.Lawrence Market.

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is essentially a huge Zoo situated in the city of Toronto in Canada. The Toronto Zoo is undoubtedly one of the biggest zoos on the planet with more than 710 acres of land in possession. Here, visitors can catch a glimpse of over five thousand animals that belong to roughly four hundred and fifty species across the globe.

Toronto Islands

To plan a peaceful getaway which is far away from the loud noises of the city, the Toronto Islands are the best choice. These islands are a collection of Islands that are situated on the shore of the city in Canada. These islands are pretty famous among not only international tourists but among locals as well. These islands are home to some of the most mesmerizing beaches namely-

  • Centre Island Beach
  • Hanlan's Point Beach, etc.

Eaton Center

The Eaton Center is a paradise for shoppers as it offers a top-notch shopping experience that one could only imagine. In this centre, visitors can indulge in a wide range of departmental stores (over 250 stores), incredible dining spots and entertainment and fun activities. To get your hands on some of the most stylish garments in Canada, the Eaton Center should be your go-to shopping place.


When in Toronto, no visitor should miss out on exploring Chinatown. In this location, visitors can find numerous spots that are created and crafted with an Asian touch. To fill your plates with mouth-watering and scrumptious Asian delicacies, all visitors should head towards the Asian eateries to either try rice bowls from Japan. Or juicy dim sums from China. The best time of the year to visit Chinatown is during the Chinese New Year.


Ontario, along with Quebec, is located in Central Canada and is the most populous and second-largest province in Canada, larger than the state of Texas in the United States.

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