Must See Places in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated on Apr 28, 2024 | Canada eTA

Known as Canada’s most diverse city, Vancouver is both ethnically and naturally abundant with surrounding mountain views and great city infrastructure. A city in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is often considered as one of the most liveable in the world given its mix of both urban and natural environment.

With plenty of attractions of all kinds, the city deserves a visit for more than just watching whales. Favourable city weather along with its ancient forests and places neighbouring the Pacific Ocean, the place is easily one of the most well-planned cities in the world. 

Also considered as one of the most beautiful places in Canada given its picture-perfect landscapes and soothing city vibes, Vancouver often tops the list as one of the favourite cities for any traveller.

Science World

A science centre run by a not-for- profit organisation, the museum showcases interactive science exhibits on varying subjects. The museum is mainly built to attract the young audience, but the exhibits designed for kids are equally loved by adults too. Inside the museum’s round glass architecture is OMNIMAX Theatre, which is the world's largest domed movie screen.

Stanley Park

A renowned public park in British Columbia, the park amidst the city of Vancouver is famous for its scenic Seawall, a 28 km long waterfront greenway spread along the amazing views of mountains, lakes, and natural rainforests. The stonewall built around the park is also the world's largest waterfront park. This gorgeous green oasis is filled with beautiful trails and family friendly attractions.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Situated in North Vancouver, the bridge is spread across the Capilano River. Spread over a mile, the place is mostly known for hiking and nature trips and is one of Vancouver's main tourist attractions. A walk across the bridge is filled with views of the west coast rainforests spread beneath the river valley. The bridge, also being the longest suspension bridge in the world, along with numerous other attractions in the park, make this place a must-see sight in British Columbia.

Vancouver Art Gallery

One of the largest buildings in the city, the art museum is known for its unique exhibits, local art works and photo collections. The gallery is also known to host several travelling arts exhibits based on cultures and ideas from around the world. There are more than 12000 artworks present in the art gallery from both Canada and other parts of the world.

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Located in Chinatown, Vancouver, the garden is known to be one of the first Chinese gardens built outside of mainland China. Also known as the ‘scholars’ garden, this is one of Vancouver's peaceful urban oases. 

Appearing more like an island of calm, the garden is built in accordance with Taoist principles, with everything from water, plants and rocks displaying the quality of serenity. The garden stands true to the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Situated in Lynn valley in North Vancouver, the park features many hiking trails of varying lengths. The bridge is located within the Lynn Canyon Park spread around 617-acres of forest with scenic canyon views. Located 50 meters over the canyon rushing with rivers and waterfalls, the park offers one of the best sceneries of British Columbia.

Grouse Mountain

With amazing views of the city and hiking trails, Grouse Mountain is one of Vancouver's most popular attractions. Rising at the height of 1200 meters, the peak amidst the city is one perfect gateway to the natural scenery of the area, with everything from good dining options, outdoor adventures, nature gazing and snow sports, making it a completely perfect place to spend a good whole day.

Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island Public Market Granville Island Public Market

Known as a shopping district and for its thriving artist community, this indoor marketplace features a range of colourful assortment of foods and local produce and is one of Vancouver's most popular tourist attractions. The centrepiece of the island, the market was reopened in 1978. The place is a must visit to taste the good food amidst the sprawling energy of the area filled with everything from musicians to great dining options.

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

A popular city attraction, the park is an all-season place located by the shores of West Vancouver. The place is considered as one of the most beautiful city locations with numerous trails spread along old growth cedar forests, a lighthouse and amazing city views. The old –growth forests spread around the park has some of the largest trees which can be found in Vancouver and is one perfect place for a relaxed family outing.

Canada Place

Spread across a waterfront, this iconic location is known for world class events and the amazing Canada experience right at the heart of Vancouver. With the outside architecture appearing that of a ship, this renowned city landmark houses the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel and Vancouver’s World Trade Centre.

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