Terms and Conditions

What follow below are the terms and conditions, governed by Australian law, set by this website for the user's use of this website. By accessing and using this website, you are assumed to have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions, which are meant to protect both the company’s and the user's legal interests. The terms “the applicant”, “ the user”, and “you” here in refer to the Canada eTA applicant seeking to apply for their eTA for Canada through this website and the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to this website.

You can make avail for yourself the use of our website and the services that we offer on it only upon agreeing to all of the terms and conditions set herein.

Personal data

The following information is registered as personal data in the database of this website: names; date and place of birth; passport details; data of issue and expiration; type of supporting evidence/documents; phone and email address; postal and permanent address; cookies; technical computer details, payment record etc.

All provided information is registered and stored within the secured database of this website. Data registered with this website is not be shared nor exposed to third parties, except:

  • When the user has explicitly agreed to allow such actions.
  • When it is required for the management and maintenance of this website.
  • When a legally binding order is issued, requiring information.
  • When notified and the personal data cannot be discriminated.
  • The law requires we provide these details.
  • Notified as a form in which personal information can't be discriminated.
  • The company will process the application using the information provided by the applicant.

This website is not responsible for any incorrect information provided.

For more information on our confidentiality regulations, see our Privacy Policy.

Ownership and Limits on Website Use

This website is solely owned by a private entity, with all of its data and content being copyrighted and the property of the same. We are in no way or form affiliated with the Government of Canada. This website and the services offered on it are limited only to personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for personal gain or be sold to a third party. Nor may you profit from the services or information available herein in any other way. You may not modify, copy, reuse, or download any part of this website for commercial use. You may not make use of this website and its services unless you agree to be bound by and comply with these terms and conditions of website use. All data and content on this website is copyrighted.



About Our Services and Delivery Policy

We are a private, third party online application service provider based in Asia and Oceania and in no way affiliated with the Government of Canada or the Canadian Embassy. The services we provide are those of data entry and processing of applications for the eTA Visa Waiver for eligible foreign national applicants who wish to visit Canada. We can help you in obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA for Canada from the Government of Canada by assisting you with the filling out of your application, properly reviewing your answers and the information you enter, translating any information if so required, checking everything for accuracy, completion, and spelling and grammar errors.

In order to process your request for the eTA Canada and to ensure that your application is complete we may contact you via phone or email if we require any additional information from you. Once you have completely filled the application form on our website, you may review the information you have provided and make any changes if necessary. Thereafter you will be required to make the payment for our services.

After that our team of experts will review your application and then submit it to the Government of Canada for approval. In most cases we will be able to provide you with same day processing and update you of the status of your application via email, unless there are any delays.

Exemption from Responsibility

This website does not guarantee the acceptance or approval of applications for Canada eTA. Our services do not go beyond processing your Canada eTA application after proper verifying and reviewing of details and its submission to the Canada eTA system.

Approval or rejection of the application is subject entirely to the decision of the Government of Canada. The website or its agents cannot be held responsible for any possible refusal of the applicant's application caused, for instance, due to incorrect, missing, or incomplete information. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she provides valid, correct, and complete information.

Security and Temporary Suspension of Service

In order to protect and secure the website and the information stored in its database, we reserve the right to alter or introduce new security measures without any prior notice, to withdraw and/or limit any individual user’s use of this website, or take any other such measures.

We also reserve the right to temporarily suspend the website and its services in case of system maintenance, or such factors out of our control as natural disasters, protests, software updates, etc., or unforeseen electricity cut or fire, or changes in the management system, technical difficulties, or any other such reasons impeding the functioning of the website.

Change of Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions binding the user's use of this website, for various reasons such as security, legal, regulatory, etc. By continuing to use this website you will be assumed to have agreed to abide by the new terms of use and it is your responsibility to check for any alterations or updates in the same before continuing to make use of this website and the services offered on it.


If you seem to have failed to comply with and act according to the terms and conditions set by this website, we reserve the right to terminate your access to this website and its services.

Applicable Law

The terms and conditions set herein are governed by and fall under the jurisdiction of Australian law and in case of any legal proceedings, all parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of Australian courts.

Not Immigration Advise

We provide assistance with the processing and the submission of the application for eTA for Canada. No immigration advice for any country is included in our services.