Tourist Guide to Canada eTA Application

Updated on Apr 28, 2024 | Canada eTA

Almost all travellers are required to produce either a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly or just to transit through the Canadian airport. However, people from different parts of the world do have the privilege of enjoying a visa-free trip to Canada with an eTA electronically linked to their passport.

Do I need a Canada Visa Online to travel to Canada?

An Electronic Travel Authorization, also known as eTA, is meant for those foreign nationals who are exempted from the usual visa requirements. Overseas visitors without a visa but travelling to Canada by air are required to produce this eTA to access Canada.

The eTA principally conducts an initial screening to decide the visitor’s eligibility. Eligible foreign folks can obtain access to Canada by applying for the online Canadian eTA application form.

The eTA supports travel to Canada and for short stays up to 6 months at a time. This eTA is valid for up to 5 years or until the passport associated with this eTA expires. It is important to get a new eTA along with the new passport. There is no need for an eTA to travel within the country.

Online Canada Visa is an electronic travel authorization to visit Canada for a period of time less than 6 months. International visitors must have a Canadian eTA to be able to enter Canada and explore this amazing country. Foreign citizens can apply for an Canada Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Canada Visa Application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Canada eTA Application

Travellers are requested to complete filling out the online Canada eTA application form to be granted access to the country.

Applying for the Canada eTA is indeed an easy online process that can be carried out from home. One need not visit the Canadian embassy or the consulate to apply for eTA. Almost all the applicants receive their document approval within hours of applying for Canada eTA through their email. Some may be asked to submit certain supporting documents. In that case, it may take some time. Hence, applying for Canada eTA before booking your flight is important.

Overseas visitors who desire to stay in Canada for more than six consecutive months must apply for a visa that may take longer to process than the eTA. Hence, it is advised to begin the process as soon as possible.

How to Apply for the Canada eTA?

To apply for Canada eTA, ensure to have these essential documents:

  • A valid biometric passport issued by the country
  • A credit or a debit card to pay the Canada eTA fee
  • An email address to receive updates on the Canada eTA application status

The eTA will be electronically linked to the traveller’s passport upon approval. If the passport expires within five years of the validity period, a new eTA form must be submitted along with the new passport to travel the country hassle-free.

Canada eTA Application Process

As mentioned above, applying for Canada eTA is certainly easy, and it is a quick process. To complete the online eTA application, ensure to follow the following steps.

Online Application

The first step is to complete the online eTA application form and upload the necessary digital copies of the required documents. Make sure to answer all parts of the questionnaire, which mainly focuses on basic contact and personal information. Most importantly, submitting the passport details without errors is critical.

The questionnaire also includes questions regarding your health history and criminal records. This is to ensure that you do not pose any risk to their nation or their natives. Also, it is important to fill out and submit the application forms individually.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Applying

Ensure that you enter the correct details regarding your passport. If you enter the wrong passport number on the eTA application form, it will create trouble while flying to Canada. Hence, use the eTA help guide and follow the instructions properly to avoid problems.

TIP: ensure that you use the number at the top of your passport information page (the page with your photo)

Paying eTA

Like that of the application form, the payment of the eTA application fee is also online. You can use a valid credit or debit card to pay the Canada eTA fee through any secure online payment gateway.

Canada eTA Approval

Once your eTA application form is approved, you will receive an approval email within minutes. The authorization to visit and access Canada will be sent to the registered email address.

As mentioned above, sometimes it may a take longer period.

Check the Passport Number

To avoid any troubles at the airport, check whether your correct passport number is included in your approved eTA email. If the number is wrong, apply for a new Canada eTA immediately.

What are the Primary Requirements to Apply for a Canada eTA?

Visa-exempt foreign passport holders who plan to visit Canada can apply for Canadian travel authorization without visiting a Canadian embassy or consulate. This is because the whole Canadian eTA application procedure is executed online and can be accomplished from your house or another comfortable location.

The most significant & best part of applying for a Canadian eTA is that it takes only a couple of minutes if the applicant has organized all the necessary documents earlier.

The necessities to apply for a Canada eTA are:

  • A sturdy and stable internet connection for stable browsing.
  • Smart gadgets such as laptops, computer systems, mobile phones, and so on.

Canada e-Visas can be processed extremely quickly. Once processed, an eTA is sent to the applicant's registered email address which was written in the eTA application questionnaire.

What are the Advantages of Obtaining an eTA for Canada?

Getting an eTA in Canada is very beneficial. Here's why:

  • Canada's eTA is very simple, fast, and straightforward and can be completed in 10–15 minutes.
  • Canadian eTA processing time is much less. Most applications are processed within 24 hours of the request.
  • A Canadian eTA is valid for 5 years, or until your foreign visitor visa expires.
  • All eTAs allow tourists to take advantage of several benefits which involve visitors coming & staying in Canada multiple times until their visa expires.
  • Also, travellers need not apply for a new eTA each time they visit Canada. They can use their eTA until it expires. Similarly, applicants do not need to physically visit a Canadian embassy or consulate for any of the processes involved.

FAQs about the Canada eTA Application Form

When should I submit my Canada eTA application form?

It is essential to fill out and submit your eTA form before booking your flight tickets. Though the eTA can be applied very close to the departure date, providing at least a minimum time for the application to be processed and approved is highly recommended.

Will it take time to get approval on my eTA?

The process of eTA is easy and quick. Though most applicants receive a decision within a few minutes, sometimes it may be longer. In certain cases, they may request certain supporting documents. Always ensure to apply for Canada eTA well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.

How to track the status of my eTA application?

All the necessary information regarding the eTA will be sent to your registered email address. Once you submit your online application form, a reference number will be provided, which can be used later to track your application status.

Remember to note down this number as it may be required for further processing.

What if I missed filling out the information?

In case of any issue regarding your online eTA application form, you will be contacted via your registered email address provided in your online application form.

What to bring to the airport?

On approval, the eTA will be electronically linked to your passport. Hence you are required to present your passport when you check in to your flight to Canada.

If you fail to present the passport during the checking, you will not be allowed to board your flight.

Check your eligibility for eTA Canada Visa and apply for eTA Canada Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight. British citizens, Italian citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, Israeli citizens, South Korean citizens, Portuguese citizens, and Chilean citizens can apply online for eTA Canada Visa.