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Updated on Apr 28, 2024 | Canada eTA

The Canada Visa Application procedure can be completed quickly and easily online. Applicants can familiarize themselves with the questions they must answer and have the necessary material on hand to make the procedure as quick and easy as feasible.

The necessary permit can be obtained by eligible travelers from their homes, 24 hours a day, without having to visit an embassy or consulate.

Applicants can familiarize themselves with the questions they must answer and have the necessary material on hand to make the procedure as quick and easy as feasible.

This will not only speed up the process of filling out the Canada Visa Application form but also help to avoid mistakes. Any Canada Visa Application-related mistakes could result in the Canada eTA request being rejected.

At least 24 hours before departure, the form must be completed, all questions must be answered, and submitted.

Which Passport Details Are Required to Complete the Canada Visa Application?

One of the criteria for the Canada eTA is a Biometric Passport. Complete passport information is required of applicants; it is used to confirm the applicant's eligibility to enter Canada.

The following questions must be addressed in the information that travelers provide:

  • The passport was issued by which nation?
  • What does the top of the page's passport number read?
  • What date does the passport expire, and when was it issued?
  • What is the entire name of the traveler as it appears in their passport?
  • What year was the applicant born?
  • What is the traveler’s gender?

Candidates should exercise caution when filling out the form. All the information must be true and accurate; any inaccuracies, including typographical errors, may cause delays and interfere with travel arrangements.

What Are The Questions Asked About Background On The Canada Visa Application?

Travelers are then asked a few background questions after submitting all necessary passport information.

  • First, applicants are asked if they have ever had their Canada Visa Application for a visa or travel authorization to Canada rejected, been denied entrance, or been told to leave the country. If the response is in the affirmative, more information will be needed.
  • Regarding criminal convictions, there are a few details that must be provided, including the crime's details, date, and place. You can visit Canada even if you have a criminal record. Typically, only offenses that indicate the person constitutes a threat to Canada will result in entry restrictions.

Inquiries about health and medicine on the Canada eTA

  • Candidates are questioned about whether they have had a tuberculosis diagnosis or have recently been in close proximity to someone who has had the disease in the past two years.
  • eTA applicants are required to declare whether they have any of the supplementary lists of medical problems.
  • People who have one of the above medical issues won't be automatically turned away. Canada Visa Applications are evaluated individually considering a variety of aspects.

What Are the Other eTA Questions for Canada?

Before the request can be submitted for consideration, a few more questions must be addressed. The following categories can be used to group these questions:

  • Contact information.
  • Employment and marital details
  • Planned routes.

Contact information - 

It is needed for the Canada Visa Application, which applicants must submit.

An email address is required from Canada eTA applicants. All communication for the Canada eTA process will be done via email, and it is entirely online. 

Additionally, once the electronic travel authorization has been approved, a message is sent via email, so the provided address needs to be current and valid.

Additionally needed is a home address is also required.

Employment and marital status inquiries -

Visitors are required to choose their marital status from a drop-down list of various alternatives.

Included in the list of necessary employment information are the profession, position title, and company name. Additionally, workers should specify the year they started their current position.

Questions about the arrival date and flight details -

To apply for the Canada eTA, no prior purchase of airline tickets is necessary.

In fact, it is recommended that foreign travelers apply for their travel authorization well in advance.

The arrival date and, if known, the flight time should be provided when asked of travelers who do have a set itinerary.

What Is the Process Of Submitting A Canada Visa Application On Behalf Of Another Traveler?

Users are prompted to indicate whether they are submitting the form on someone else's behalf at the beginning of the Canada Visa Application process. All travelers, including children, must have an eTA to fly to Canada; parents and guardians may complete the form on behalf of the children in their charge.

If this is the case, the applicant enters their own information before completing the remainder of the form as previously described.

How To Respond to Canada eTA Questions?

To prevent ETA rejections, all Canada eTA questions must be answered completely and truthfully.

Errors are frequent when filling out the name boxes on the Canada Visa Application form, therefore information should be duplicated exactly as it appears on the passport. Before continuing, travelers should clear up any uncertainties they may have.

Finally, candidates may use the available blank box to include any other information they see pertinent. Particularly those who have previously been turned down or who have one of the stated medical issues might want to submit a justification or more information here.

What next after completing and making payment for eTA Canada Visa? After you apply for eTA Canada Visa: Next steps.

Check your eligibility for Canada eTA and apply for Canada eTA three (3) days in advance of your flight. Hungarian citizens, Italian citizens, Lithuanian citizens, Filipino citizens and Portuguese citizens can apply online for Canada eTA.