Tourist Guide to the Top Breakfast Restaurants in Toronto

Updated on Dec 07, 2023 | Canada eTA

To completely understand the culture of a place, you must first get a taste of their food. And when it comes to Toronto, Canada, you will be offered one of the most exciting food scenes in the whole world. The unique combination of North American and European culture that shapes up the nation and is visible at almost every corner also takes shape as an authentic international cuisine in Canada.

In Toronto, you will get the best of two worlds - the warmth and comfort of authentic Canadian flavors, as well as the richness and finesse of French dishes. Think of the soft and light French Crepes, but with a topping of the rich Canadian maple syrup and maple bacon. 

The most important meal of the day, there is simply no better way to kickstart your trip than with a cup of hot coffee, accompanied by a plate of mouth-watering delicacies. There is no end to the list of revitalizing qualities of a wonderful bacon and egg platter, and Canadians sure know how to start the day right with a full stomach and heart. 

Canada is a place that has a huge inventory of attractions to offer - from the beautiful fall landscapes in Quebec to the grand Canadian Rockies; but one thing that attracts a lot of enthusiastic tourists will be the amazing Canadian breakfast food that is famous throughout the world

The best way to get a bite of these delicacies? It is right at your breakfast table! While there are innumerable Canadian restaurants you might want to try out, it is virtually impossible to pack all of them in one trip. So, to help you on your quest, we have made this handy checklist of the top breakfast spots in Toronto you definitely need to try!

Haida Sandwich (North York)

Omelets and pancakes are a breakfast of the past, it is the time to have something tastier and more filling for your breakfast - we are speaking of sandwiches and pizzas. There are not many restaurants in the town that serve these delicacies for breakfast, but Haida Restaurant is an exception.

This super popular restaurant in Toronto has a menu full of different types of pizzas and sandwiches, and you can even choose between a cold cut or an oven-roasted sandwich! And if you are not sure what to order, you simply cannot go wrong with Haida’s special sandwich. This cold-cut sandwich is the perfect option to grab and run, in case you are in a rush to reach the tourist attractions before the rush starts!  

This beef and chicken deli comes with tomato, lettuce, potato sticks, and not to forget, Haida’s special sauce - just the perfect recipe to keep you filled for long! Or you can simply go for their royal sandwich - an oven-roasted sandwich with the right amount of chicken, beef, sausage, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and so much more. It is surely going to make you feel like a royal!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 11 am; closes at 12 am
  • Dish Types Offered - Pizza, Fast Food
  • Special Diet - Vegetarian Options
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 30 to cater to two people
  • Google Rating - 4

Wimpy's Diner (Thornhill)

If you want to enjoy your breakfast with a dash from the past, then this 50s and 60s themed restaurant is the perfect place to be! Filled with nostalgic elements such as the coin-operated jukeboxes, the spot is known for its all-day breakfast menu. The menu mentions the number of calories each item contains in order to keep your inner fitness freak satisfied. 

In Wimpy's Diner, you will find a huge variety of breakfast combos, starting from the mouthwatering benedicts and four egg omelets to the equally delicious pancakes, waffles, and French toasts, you are free to pick your early morning favorite! And while you are there, do not miss out on their special breakfast poutine - it comes with a share of home fries complete with hollandaise sauce, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

However, if you wish to stick to your diet and have a fulfilling but balanced breakfast, you have the option to choose the classics from the ‘your favorite’ part of the menu. You are also free to balance your calories based on your eating restrictions. 

We will recommend you to try out the customer’s favourite eggs Florentine, served with a side of English muffins, grilled tomatoes, poached eggs, sauteed spinach, home fries, and hollandaise sauce. No matter what you order, at Wimpy’s Diner, you are guaranteed exceptional service and quality products!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 7 am; closes at 10 pm
  • Dish Types Offered - American, Diner, Canadian
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - From CAD 3 to CAD 13
  • Google Rating - 4.4

Sophie's (Bayview and Leaside)

If you want to have an unforgettable experience with an amazing breakfast, Sophie’s is your destination. Opened recently in 2018, you will be offered a huge variety of breakfast options here, such as eggs, toast, cereals, pancakes, and so much more. 

Sophie’s takes pride in offering an extended menu with dishes from all generations. The place makes sure to serve you fresh and high-quality ingredients, and you are going to feel right at home in the cozy and friendly atmosphere and quick services. 

Some of the nutritious yet flavorful breakfast options here include Pancakes with blueberries, crunchy French toasts accompanied by fresh berries and light whipped cream, eggs Bennington with a side of Canadian bacon, lemon ricotta, maple syrup, and freshly grown mixed potatoes. This fantastic spot is a must-visit if you crave a relaxing atmosphere with a well-organized team!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 8 am; closes at 3 pm
  • Dish Types offered - Cafe, Canadian
  • Special Diets offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - NA
  • Google Rating - 4.4

Sunnyside Grill Toronto (Corso Italia)

If you want a breakfast spot that will leave you brimming with energy and good vibes, then Sunnyside Grill will not be a disappointment. With the main goal to protect their customer’s health, this eatery ensures that the homemade ingredients are high-quality and nutritious. 

Widely known for its huge variety of all-day breakfast options, Seaside Grill is going to leave a huge smile on your face. Here you will be offered all kinds of traditional breakfast options with a slice of toast, jam, and huge and delicious eggs. But if you want to have something that will elevate your energy levels, then the protein booster is what you need to have. It is a full breakfast platter and will come with a New York strip steak, two large eggs, and a thick toast slice spread with jam. You might also want to add waffles to your plate for a sweet dining experience. 

Sunnyside ensures that all your dishes are prepared according to your liking. You can suggest how you like your eggs and your bacon, and finally, whether you would like a serving of tasty syrup to complete the delight. You can also ask them to add some blueberries, chocolate chips, or bananas to your pancakes or waffles. 

If you want something more nutritious, you can go for their fruit, yogurt, and granola mix. Sunnyside Grill with its quick and efficient service and cozy atmosphere is worthy of your try!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 7 am; closes at 4 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - Canadian
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 35 to cater to two people
  • Google Rating - 4.5

Dirty Food Eatery (Junction)

While the name of the eatery may seem ridiculous, we assure you, their food is the exact opposite of dirty. Known for its vibrant and colorful breakfast options, Dirty Food Eatery will offer you amazing food options that are both delicious as well as high-quality. The spot has an exciting feature of a rotating menu that brings in special entries each day of the week!

You can also opt for the pickup services from the eatery, right from the convenience of your hotel. Some of the most beloved food items on the menu will be their eggs benny with a side of peameal bacon, the tarragon-hollandaise, and wilted collards that come on a buttermilk biscuit and a topping of poached eggs. 

If you make a special request, the restaurant will also add a serving of home fries, spicy fries, and French fries to your meal. The half home fries, and half salad make up for a light yet decadent breakfast option. At Dirty Food Eatery, customer satisfaction is the first priority. You can stay assured that you only get a fresh and high-quality meal.

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 9 am; closes at 2 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - Canadian, American
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 25 to cater to two people
  • Google Rating - 4.7

Sunrise Grill & Crepe (Junction Triangle)

Head towards Sunrise Grill & Crepe to experience something different! This family-friendly restaurant serves you meals made with love, whether you want an early breakfast or a mid-day brunch. The menu has a variety of mouthwatering options to provide you with an expansive range of choices. 

As the name suggests, the specialty of the restaurant is their crepes, available in two distinct flavors - very berry and banana chocolate. Very Berry is the more popular option, in which the crepe is served with a dash of blueberries and strawberries, along with your choice of either hazelnut chocolate or creamy custard.

You can also go for the heavy-hitter french toast, which comes with a side of bacon strips, egg, either sausage or smoked ham, and a load of fresh fruits. The strawberry delight french toast, which comes with a topping of Grand Marnier sauce and fresh fruits is another highlight of the menu. But if you want something traditional, you will also be served waffles, omelets, pancakes, and paninis as a great morning pleasure. 

This spot guarantees you a friendly environment, quick service, and affordable rates. Every dish is prepared from fresh ingredients. The home-cooked meals served in a homely environment are sure to brighten up your entire day!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 8 am; closes at 7 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - Canadian
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 30 to cater to people
  • Google Rating - 3.9

Hazel's Diner (Mount Pleasant)

Hazel's Diner

Comfort-style farm food is what you will be offered at Hazel’s Diner. With a unique feature of the scratch-made concept, everything that is served in this restaurant is made from scratch in the kitchen itself. The favourite diner of the townsfolk to freshen their body, head to this spot to get your share of a full and nutritious breakfast. 

The menu will offer you both classic breakfast options as well as modern twisted dishes. One of the most famous dishes at the Diner is the eggs Natasha, which is basically an egg benny served with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon, home fries, black caviar, and pancakes. The fresh combination with a salty and savory taste is going to blow your mind. 

But if you are craving something spicy, go for the Mexican bennies served with spicy sausages, fluffy eggs, and chipotle hollandaise. For the ones with a sweet tooth, pancakes loaded with chocolate chips are a great option. But if you are a coffee lover whose first need is their early morning serve of coffee, the attentive waiters with their quick refills are sure to steal your heart!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 8 am; closes at 3 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - American, Diner, Canadian
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Options
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 40 to cater to two people
  • Google Rating - 4.4

Boom Breakfast & Co (Yonge & Ellington)

As the name suggests, the speciality of the spot is their breakfast. Here you will be served a huge menu of breakfast dishes you have never experienced before. The first thing that is going to capture your attention on their menu is the BOOM power breakfast. Made with homemade omelets, Ontario bacon, and sausages, this will fill you with unlimited energy. 

The top item on the menu is the Chick-A-Dilla with its combination of chicken, egg, baby spinach, cheddar in a wheat tortilla and guac, and salsa is a heavenly combination. If you are craving something sweet for your breakfast, the sweet dreams section is worth all your pennies. 

We will recommend you the chocolate monkey waffle with its amazing combination of fresh fruits, such as bananas and strawberries coated with a thick chocolate sauce will leave your heart fulfilled. 

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 8 am; closes at 3 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - American, Canadian
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 6 to 10 to cater to two people
  • Google Rating - 4.3

Terry's Restaurant & Bar (Scarborough)

A professional restaurant in the heart of Toronto offering top-notch breakfasts, Terry's Restaurant & Bar aims to deliver the finest breakfast experiences to its visitors. Everything on the menu is handcrafted by the chefs to ensure the best quality. 

The extensive menu includes a huge section dedicated to breakfasts suited for everyone’s tastes, including vegans and vegetarians. The most recommended item on the menu is the chocolate chip pancake. 

The pancake’s fluffy surface with tasty chocolate or apple caramel filling will make your mouth water. The pancakes will also come with a serving of fresh fruits, including blueberries, apples, bananas, and the exceptional Belgian chocolate sauce. 

Famous for its high-quality food and great customer service, the customers love the Terry's Restaurant & Bar for its affordable pricing, friendly staff, and quick delivery.

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 9 am; closes at 2 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - Canadian
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 40 to cater to two people
  • Google Rating - 4.6

Enigma Restaurant (Dundas West)

Enigma Restaurant

One of the favorite local breakfast spots, Enigma Restaurant will offer you a great morning delight. The unique menu includes whatever is required to start your day right. This is the reason Enigma Restaurant has become one of the favorite eateries in town and a must-visit tourist spot. 

The huge breakfast menu will offer you ample options to treat yourself, from eggs and fries to pancakes and sausages. The eggs benedict is the most popular item on the menu, which is made from fresh dill and paprika, homemade fries, and onions. You can also opt for the delicious poutine, along with a side of eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes!  

Enigma Restaurant prioritizes the well-being of customers, so they ensure that every dish is made from fresh and organic ingredients. Make sure to visit Enigma Restaurant on your next visit to Toronto!

  • Opening Hours - Opens at 9 am; closes at 9 pm
  • Dish Type Offered - American
  • Special Diet Offered - Vegetarian Friendly
  • Pocket Pinch - CAD 20 to cater to two people 
  • Google Rating - 4.5

So the next time you visit Canada, make sure that you visit the amazing breakfast restaurants that we have listed here, and make the most out of your trip!

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